Julia is a professional make-up & sfx artist from Berlin. She studied hair& make-up artistry from 2005-2010 in Bamberg and Berlin and she focused on realistic special make-up effects.

In 2018 Julia did a sfx make-up demo at the famous Monsterpalooza convention for the Stan Winston School of Character Arts in Los Angeles and got in touch with many of the leading Hollywood make-up artist such as Rick Baker or Bill Corso. In the same year she also won the NYX professional face awards in Germany with her creative skills and was crowned „artist of the year 2018.“

Besides doing sfx make-up, illusional facepaints on herself and transforming herself into someone else just with the power of make-up and using her face as a canvas as a part of her passion, she works as a freelance make-up & sfx artist.

Projects in the past were different short films, music videos, extraordinary and avantgarde shootings, opening events at fun parks or private clients where she did make-up & sfx and social media collaborations such as for Warner Bros for example.

Especially in the Halloween season Julia creates individual Halloween make-up designs for different clients in Berlin.